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Datacenter Operations Engineer

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Posted On: 02/16/2023
Requirement Code: 62812
Requirement Detail

Success in the Role: What are the performance outcomes over the first 6-12 months you will work toward completing?
Within 30 days of employment, become adept at using tools and services to support the Datacenter and labs environments. You will engage in workloads by learning from senior staff.
• You will be familiar with the different lab environments and work on deployment and decommission of server, network, and storage hardware.
• You will work on installation of hardware peripherals and maintain deployments standards involving cabling, inventory and logistics.
Within 90 days you will collaborate with the engineering teams to resolve advanced hardware and software issues. You will have assigned coursework to complete certifications to troubleshoot and remediate hardware and software issues.
• Be able to utilize automation tools and scripts to handle mass deployments and upgrades.
By 180 days you will be familiar with the network environments and DNS tools. You can work on troubleshooting network related issues and update DNS configurations.
• You will have an understanding of production level environments and be tasked with supporting those areas.
By 360 days you will command full understanding of above skills. You can collaborate with the design and architecture team on deployments planning.
• You can drive projects plans with multiple team members.
• Train/mentor junior level tech staff and contract employees.

The Work: What type of work will you be doing? What assignments, requirements, or skills will you be performing on a regular basis?
You will see a variety of assignments that cater to your professional strengths. Your day to day workload will include the following responsibilities.
• Managing ticket queues to prioritize tasks.
• Hands on deployment of the latest server, network and storage hardware and peripherals.
• Troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues related to lab environments.
• Engage in the use of automation scripts for mass deployment and modifications of test beds.
• Work with R&D teams and vendors to remediate issues and process RMAs.
• Decommission hardware.
• Update firmware on servers, switches and components individually and using firmware update applications.
• Installation and configuration of Vmware ESXi through direct media and PXE execution.
• Update DNS server configurations to add/remove FQDN and IPV4 static bindings individually and in bulk.
• Work with Design and Architecture team on test bed planning.
• Deploy PDUs to racks and configure power monitoring utilities.
• Inventory management of hardware, components and peripherals for operational consistency.
• Create documentation for policies and procedures.

Compensation: 20-25/hourly