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Program Manager

Location: Remote
Posted On: 01/19/2023
Requirement Code: 62387
Requirement Detail

Background in project and program manager within the industry is a nice to have. Willing to train someone who has work experience and has great writing and communication skills with a background in teaching/training/chief of staff. Must be be familiar with collaboration tools. This is a fast-paced environment with a lot of change.
OCEO Execution & Transformation - Rotation Role
We are looking for a candidate to develop a playbook to run our Senior Director Cohort (SDC). This will be a word document to detail the 'behind the scenes' work our team will do during each SDC session. We will use this as the guide to run each SDC moving forward.OCEO Execution & Transformation - Program Management Rotation Role
We are looking for a candidate to support Program Management efforts for our team to track progress toward our OKRs. This candidate will need to use the WorkBoard tool to maintain the plan of record for our team meetings and project/program updates. This candidate may also take on some additional responsibilities they are interested in to help our team achieve our goals.OCEO
Execution & Transformation - Rotation Role
The Results Management Office is looking for a candidate interested in expanding their company-wide knowledge to drive business outcomes through the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) rollout & Senior Director Cohort initiative. What You'll Learn How to evolve and support the OKR rollout and expert facilitation skills by supporting the Senior Director Cohort. Required Skills 1) Technical proficiency. Skilled in using and teaching others to use our critical collaboration tools: Miro, Workboard, Slack, and PowerPoint 2) Self starter. Highly self-motivated and energized by working in a fast-paced ever-changing environment 3) Clear communicator. Strong oral and written communication skills across multiple formats: presentations, emails, slack messages, etc. 4) Expert facilitator. Ability to curate and facilitate seamless workshops, meetings and conversations through artful preparation and use of collaboration tools and methods 5) Humble and serving. Our success is measured by our customers' success (Results Management Leads, teams using OKRs, Senior Director Cohort) Desired Skills Change Management and Program Management experience Knowledge of OKR methodologies Understanding of systems automation, process optimization, and cross-functional dependencies.