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Sales Operations Analyst - Order Mgmt

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Posted On: 01/13/2023
Requirement Code: 62331
Requirement Detail

Required :

Sales Operations Analyst, Order Management within the Sales Operations department ensures the accurate and timely processing of a high volume of purchase orders. You will work out of our NAM office or Remotely and will report to a manager in our Santa Clara headquarters. The role demands incredible attention to detail, the ability to work as part of a team and on one's own, a desire to learn systems and processes very quickly and the skills to adapt to ever-changing business requirements. This position requires team members to be available to work extended hours at the end of each month and the fiscal quarter.

Your Impact

Manage daily sales orders and placement into CRM-Sales Force System with precise accuracy and cross-checking ERP-SAP system
Sales Operations Analyst, Order Management receives and processes all types of purchase orders from Palo Alto Networks' distributors and direct resellers in each of the three assigned regions (EMEA, JAPAC & NAM).
Handle escalation of activities and ensure accuracy on approved quotes
Review all required documentation are transferred to the back office
Adhere to contract and licensing terms and recognition policies are met
Each purchase order is reviewed for accuracy to ensure it matches approved quotes, adheres to contract and licensing terms, meets Palo Alto Networks procurement and revenue recognition policies and is being placed by an authorized channels distributors and reseller partner.
Certain activities in are administered Once a purchase order is deemed clean, before the transactions are transferred to Order Fulfillment and Trade departments for final processing and shipping.
Collaborate with other external and internal departments to quickly resolve customer concerns.
Interact directly with Distributors, PAN Channels Distributors, PAN Channels and Sales Reps. As required
Liaises with Sales Rep, Inside Sales for opportunities and quotes related issue, with Deal desk for pricing and quotes matters, may collaborates with sales Ops. For any operational issues and Sales Account team for account registration related issues.
Liaises with Fulfillment, Trade and Logistics teams to relay compliance, shipment and delivery information/documentations
Tracking and communicating any order matters (e.g order status, shipment status, serial number, etc) to both internal and external stakeholders. 
Enthusiastic, dependable, team-oriented, and able to work with minimal supervision 
Excellent time management, organizational. And communication skills 
Ability to communicate with all levels in the organization, external and internal customers, and work effectively in a team environment 
Willingness to work on a flexible schedule and Overtime, according to activity volume
Experience with and SAP is preferred 
Quote to Cash 
2-3 years related experience