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Systems Engineer

Location: Irving, TX
Posted On: 06/17/2022
Requirement Code: 59073
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  • Required :

    As a data-driven, strategic marketing agency, we believe our clients become stronger when they leverage the wealth of information consumers provide every day. we integrate technology, analytics, creative, digital and strategy to create a better consumer experience, which improves consumer engagement and drives a more profitable outcome for clients.


    The Systems Engineer supports the Senior Systems Engineer in the day-to-day execution of the various software releases needed in support of overall company objectives. He/she has primary responsibility for the release of various client websites and management of the servers on which they reside, including, but not limited to, providing access control, installation, and configuration of any ancillary or third-party software needed in support of the websites. The Systems Engineer also installs/configures Enterprise applications targeted for the Windows servers and supports the Senior Systems Engineer in the creation and maintenance of master lists indicating software versions and distribution of the same. He/she provides primary support to the ongoing weekly Windows server maintenance process. While the primary focus is Windows server-oriented, the Systems Engineer will flex outside the Windows realm and will be mentored on the UNIX side of the infrastructure team as time permits.


    • Create and maintain Azure DevOps pipelines to build and deploy .NET and/or HTML-based websites in a mix of Windows IIS servers, Azure App Services (web apps), and Azure Function Apps

    • Utilize Azure DevOps for source code control, checkout, and build of such websites

    • Installs/configures IIS on Windows Servers

    • Install/configures Azure PaaS services - primarily, but not limited to, App Services and Function Apps

    • Installs and manages SSL certificates on Windows Servers and Azure infrastructure

    • Installs/configures required website third-party software

    • Generates support utilities/scripts as needed to execute deployments

    • Works with the Senior Configuration Manager to automate change management, with specific emphasis on the build and release process surrounding websites

    • Installs/configures Enterprise applications (misc.) on Windows Servers

    • Integrates the applications with corporate infrastructure (may include good working knowledge of SMTP, NTP, SNMP, etc.)

    • Supports the ongoing documentation and status accounting of all Windows-based Enterprise applications under configuration management responsibility

    • Independently researches problems as required to troubleshoot/resolve server application integration issues that may arise

    • Supports general administration of Windows and Unix Servers (User and Group permissions, etc.);

    • Supports ongoing and evolving change management initiatives and projects as requested

    • Demonstrates willingness to take on similar Unix-based tasks as time and skills progress

    • Provides primary support for the weekly Windows Server maintenance process

    • Provides first-line support to Technology for Windows application issues that may arise

    • Supports the development and implementation of ?????best practice????? change/release management procedures appropriately adapted for the business problem at hand

    • Experience working in team environment

    • Good Communication skills, working with Management and Technical staff as needed

    • Ability to learn new technologies quickly

    • Manage and Monitor team and personal IT ticket queue


    • Provide well-architected IAC solutions on the Azure platform

    • Experience with Enterprise applications, App registrations and Managed IDs

    • Experience with Azure Active Directory Management and Role-Based Access

    • Experience developing and supporting best practices for all DevOps internal processes and procedures  

    • Extensive technical knowledge of Azure DevOps or similar CI/CD system release engineering

    • Experience with VS Code or similar code editing platform

    • Experience and proficiency in source code management practices and procedures

    • Proficiency with Git or similar repositories

    • Experience fully automating repetitive tasks at scale using PowerShell, ARM templates, JSON

    • Experience troubleshooting and correcting code bugs

    • Provided support and continuous improvement of existing code and CI/CD pipelines


    • 3+ years of hands-on experience working with Windows systems; 5-10 years of overall experience is preferred

    • 3+ years of hands-on experience using Visual Studio to build and publish websites

    • 2+ years of experience working on Windows Servers, with specific emphasis on IIS

    • 2+ years of experience with general server administration (user/group/access control lists, etc.)

    • 2+ years of experience working with IIS, using ISAPI redirector, creation of CSRs, and subsequent installation of SSL certifications

    • 2+ years of experience in Unix environments

    • 1+ years of experience writing support scripts for Windows servers

    • 1+ years of experience using Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

    • 1+ years of experience using Subversion

    • RDBMS Experience: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server is desirable

    • Associate degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science; Bachelor's Degree is preferred 


    • Protocols: SSH, SSL, FTPS, SFTP, CVS PServer, SMTP, NTP, SNMP

    • Working knowledge of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in order to properly integrate with various third-party Enterprise software applications

    • Working knowledge of OpenSSL as it pertains to transforming SSL certificate types

    • Languages: Perl and/or Windows Power Shell is desirable; both would be most desirable 


    • Full-time (40+ hours per week)

    • Overtime, including support for off-shore resources as necessary

    • Expected to support off-hours application deployments