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PTC - Systems Engineer/Analyst

Location: Omaha, NE
Posted On: 03/14/2022
Requirement Code: 56425
Requirement Detail

Job Description

Must have 10 years or more of total IT/non-IT experience in order of preference

3-5 years of hands-on working experience of analysis or testing around railroad onboard system software

3-5 years of hands-on working experience of testing or system analyst experience on safety critical applications from industries like Aerospace, Health Care

Knowledge of testing using railroad sub-division files in PTC

Strong in analysis, problem solving & issue triaging

Should be able to understand Railroad operations rules, procedures and practices

Be able to recognize and predict issues that could occur, after being familiar with the system and develop procedures to test them

Have experience working directly with the customer team and managers and demonstrated-

To be result-driven with a go-getter ownership attitude

Strong organization skills

Planning and problem-solving abilities

To be analytical and pay attention to details

Excellent communication skills - written and spoken

Ideal candidates fitting the 1st preference (knowledge of I-ETMS) would be working or would have worked in

5+ years for US Class I Railroad companies (such as UPRR, BNSF, NS, CSX, KCS, CN, CP) in Railroad Operations (Transportation Control Systems, Railroad Safety Systems) OR


Analysis & triage of production issues related to PTC (Positive Train Control) train operations

Field testing of PTC in locomotives

Additionally, functional testing responsibilities will be given on need-basis