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Technical Architect

Location: Schaumburg, IL
Posted On: 03/11/2022
Requirement Code: 56364
Requirement Detail

We need a senior architect who is well versed with Microsoft technologies and  modern loosely coupled architecture/design skills to understand and modify the current system given below:

         This system is written with Angular JS/.Net 4.0/Ravan DB (no-sql database)/Rabbit MQ.

         This is written completely in even driven architecture model and even communication between the front end and the back end is through Rabbit MQ with que handlers doing a sequence of steps

         Highly scalable/distributed system with many software packed embedded LBOT for AI/ML based address mapping, Google address validation,  Redis for caching etc.

         This person should be able to come out with a list of architecture changes needed in the above system to accommodate Zurich needs.

         This person also should be design and support the team in the actual execution of the project.