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Systems Engineer

Location: Irving, TX
Posted On: 11/18/2021
Requirement Code: 52503
Requirement Detail

Required :

- 3+ years of hands-on experience working with Windows systems; 5-10 years of overall experience is preferred

- 3+ years of hands-on experience using Visual Studio to build and publish websites

- 2+ years of experience working on Windows Servers, with specific emphasis on IIS

- 2+ years of experience with general server administration (user/group/access control lists, etc.)

- 2+ years of experience working with IIS, using ISAPI redirector, creation of CSRs, and subsequent installation of SSL certifications

- 2+ years of experience in Unix environments

- 1+ years of experience writing support scripts for Windows servers

- 1+ years of experience using Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

- 1+ years of experience using Subversion

- Utilize Azure DevOps for source code control, checkout, and build of such websites

- Installs/configures IIS on Windows Servers

- Install/configures Azure PaaS services - primarily, but not limited to, App Services and Function Apps

- Installs and manages SSL certificates on Windows Servers and Azure infrastructure

- Installs/configures required website third-party software

- Generates support utilities/scripts as needed to execute deployments

- Installs/configures Enterprise applications (misc.) on Windows Servers

- Supports general administration of Windows and Unix Servers (User and Group permissions, etc.);

- Supports ongoing and evolving change management initiatives and projects as requested

- Demonstrates willingness to take on similar Unix-based tasks as time and skills progress

- Provides primary support for the weekly Windows Server maintenance process

- Ability to learn new technologies quickly

- Manage and Monitor team and personal IT ticket queue

- Provide well-architected IAC solutions on Azure platform

- Experience with Enterprise applications, App registrations and Managed IDs

- Experience with Azure Active Directory Management and Role-Based Access

- Experience developing and supporting best practices for all DevOps internal processes and procedures  

- Extensive technical knowledge of Azure DevOps or similar CI/CD system release engineering

- Experience with VS Code or similar code editing platform

- Experience and proficiency in source code management practices and procedures

- Proficiency with Git or similar repositories

- Experience fully automating repetitive tasks at scale using PowerShell, ARM templates, JSON

- Experience troubleshooting and correcting code bugs

- Provided support and continuous improvement of existing code and CI/CD pipelines