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AWS DW Data Engineer

Location: Remote
Posted On: 10/05/2020
Requirement Code: 41873
Requirement Detail

Primary Skills: Data Engineer, DW, Azure, ADF SQL/Databricks/Spark, Power BI, SQL, SQL Server, SSIS.




Required experience:


• Data Engineer 1 - AWS DW Data Engineer Documentation of architecture, data flows, data models & entity relationships.


•  Define and document best practices for architecture and implementation.


•  Help on selection on cloud infrastructure & tools Use the right AWS services & open source tools based on the used case to be solved.


•  Create strategy for merging data from multiple data sources. Architect and publish findings and deployment schemes Architect and build data science routines Writing API endpoints, Lambda and glue jobs in AWS. Writing cloud formation scripts.


•  Modelling the data into a star schema and reporting tables in Redshift. Working knowledge of Tableau.