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Customer Service Representative

Location: Montana city, MT
Posted On: 10/01/2020
Requirement Code: 41833
Requirement Detail


1.      Proficient in word processing;

2.      Knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing a variety of computer hardware and software applications, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and Access;

3.      Ability to use e-mail and internet browsers i.e., Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer;

4.      Knowledgeable and experienced in operating small office machines, such as calculators, fax machines, scanning devices, postage meters, and copy machines;

5.      Knowledgeable and experienced in general office procedures, such as preparing reports, spreadsheets, and filing. Familiarity with certified mail and return-receipt mail procedures;

6.      Capable of working independently;

7.      Possess basic and courteous telephone skills