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Document Management Analyst II

Location: Baltimore, MD
Posted On: 07/19/2021
Requirement Code: 48062
Requirement Detail
Education / Certification Requirement:    
•    Three years of experience on major litigation support projects or undergraduate degree.  
•    Certain assignments may require experience or substantial undergraduate coursework in, for example, finance/accounting, health care, or substantial experience in the legal environment or in information technology.  

Position-specific Required Skills:    
•    Demonstrated ability to work independently in a team environment.   
•    Should be a knowledgeable user of the Government's office and network environment, including but not limited to, word processing, spreadsheet, imaging, and hardware systems.  
•    Familiarity with ESI tools and knowledge of eDiscovery procedures and resources preferred
•    Must have excellent writing skills and oral communication capabilities.  
•    Requires hands-on familiarity with the Government's office and network environment, including but not limited to, data processing environments, including office automation networks, PC-based databases and other applications, internet and server-based databases and other applications, such as Oracle, Relativity or other document review platform, Trial Director, etc.  

Position-specific Required/Desired Skills:
•    Spanish-speaker preferred
•    Assist in collecting, for the US Treasury, civil penalties IER obtains through litigation or settlement agreements, including by learning and using the consolidated debt collection system
•    Monitor voicemail and email inboxes for back pay claim correspondence to assist compliance activities for settlements or litigation involving back pay claim processes; assist in reviewing claims and speaking with claimants as needed
•    Sending notification correspondence to U.S. Attorneys Offices to inform them of IER investigation initiations in their districts
•    Participate as an IER representative to the Division's records retention committee, assisting in developing and implementing proper record retention policies;
•    ?€? Indexing paper and electronic case/matter files, in accordance with record retention policies and other litigation record keeping needs
•    Assist IER's Case Management Analyst in maintaining and updating IER's litigation brief and document bank in Relativity, and on occasion take a lead role in that duty
•    Providing backup and occasional primary coverage for IER's hotline, including by screening and answering calls from the public

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:   
•    Under the direction of Task Supervisor or Document Management Analyst, performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures for: filing, retrieving, and copying case file materials; creating witness binders; preparing deposition and trial exhibits; entering data on-line to case files and other databases; proofreading, editing, correcting OCR'd text files; retrieving and blowing back documents and digital image media; tabbing, numbering, labeling, assembling documents; filling out log sheets and reporting on task progress; and performing quality control on the work of peers in all of these areas.  
•    Prepares documents for image scanning; performs other document collection related activities, including document screening, and labeling of files to be scanned.  
•    Performs simple database searches.