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Location: N brentwood, MD
Posted On: 07/19/2021
Requirement Code: 47993
Requirement Detail
Required :

  • Undergraduate degree required.  
  • Substantial significant experience may in some cases be substituted for degree requirement.
  • At least one year of experience on major litigation support projects.
  • Broad experience in a variety of areas (e.g. document center, coding shop, field discovery, etc.) - is preferable to limited experience in one area only.
  • Excellent writing skills and oral communication skills.
  • Requires hands-on familiarity with the Government's office and network environment, including but not limited to, data processing environments, including office automation networks, PC-based databases and other applications, internet and server-based databases and other applications, such as Oracle, Relativity or other document review platforms, Trial Director, etc.
  • Familiarity with ESI tools and knowledge of eDiscovery procedures and resources preferred.
  • First line supervisor for discovery, pre-trial, and trial support activities such as document acquisition, witness binder preparation, exhibit preparation and duplication, case file set up and maintenance, trial-site/courtroom support assignments, screening/discovery efforts, etc.
  • Reports to Project Supervisor or Project Manager.
  • Supervises and directs Document Management Analysts, Document Management Technicians, paralegals, and other clerical support staff to accomplish tasks.
  • Reports to Project Supervisor or Project Manager on task progress; troubleshoots task issues; performs quality control spot-checking as necessary to ensure that work is of high quality and meets contract requirements; coordinates with other Contractor support staff, including data processing support staff; and documents the work performed.