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Full Stack Java Developer

Location: Remote
Posted On: 06/10/2021
Requirement Code: 46865
Requirement Detail

         A minimum of three years in software development as a Full Stack Java Developer

         Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript

         Proficiency with front frameworks such as Angular

         Proficiency with server-side languages such as Java and NodeJS

         Proficiency with server-side frameworks such as Spring Boot

         Experience using GitHub, Jira, Confluence, and AWS

         Experience in agile processes for management

         Experience deploying code using containers such as Docker, EC2 and Lambda

         Experience with CI/CD and DevOps practices

         Familiarity with relational and NoSQL database technology such as MySQL and DynamoDB

         Familiarity with Domain Driven Design, RESTful services, authentication/authorization, API best practices

         Degree in Computer Science or MIS.