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Location: remote
Posted On: 06/09/2021
Requirement Code: 46804
Requirement Detail


• Experience analyzing nontechnical requirements, performing Root Cause Analysis, and working with stakeholders to resolve issues.

• Should have experience managing multiple requests at once 

• Experience working in fast moving and complex projects, with multiple dependencies and varying stakeholders.

• Able to see the high level view of the project, while diving into the details to identify and fix bugs/issues.

• Moves with a sense of urgency.

• Able to manage multiple personalities within the team/client.

• Strong hands on experience as a functional Business Analyst, who has worked in detailed Agile and Waterfall projects, understands complex project interdependencies, is able to prioritize & manage multiple requests, stakeholders, and ongoing deadlines.

Must have :

• Create, Update, and Close Azure DevOps (ADO) Product Backlog/Features/Epics/et al, ensuring all tickets have been entered, information is correct, the status/owner are correct, and the ticket is not blocked.

• Work with the Project Manager to proactively identify and remove roadblocks in application updates and issues identified during testing.

• Work with Marketing team to finalize release requirements

• Lead 2 nightly launches/deployment every 4 - 8 weeks (generally 1 - 2 hours)